Our services

Whispered Interpreting (Chuchotage)

Discretion and confidentiality, for a very small audience.


Liaison Interpreting or Consecutive Interpreting

For larger audiences than with chuchotage, when confidentiality is no longer essential, with or without a microphone depending on the working environment (factory visits, working meetings, etc.) and on the size of audience.


Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter relays what the speaker is saying in real time from a booth .

our interpreters

The interpreters with whom we work all have recognised professional qualifications, have achieved high scores in assessment tests (TOEIC and others), and have experience evidencing their professionalism.

Our Added Value

If you wish to have a single contact for your event, we also supply the equipment necessary to make your event a success (headphones, booth, etc.).


Our Other Services

We can translate beforehand any documents that might be used during your event.


After the event, we can transcribe the recordings made during your event, in one or more languages.